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Effo Kring Føroyar(Tour de Faroe)

The Tour de Faroe is a 3 day stage race, starting friday 20th of july and finishing on sunday 22th of july.

The race

The race will take you trough most of the bigger islands, you race on mountain stages, relative(by faroese standards) flat stages, a time trial and a criterium-like final stage.

The participants

The tour de faroes is by far the biggest cycling event on the Faroe Island. The race har local participants, as well as participant from Iceland, Denmark, Ynes Mon(Angelsey) and Belgium. 

The participants, women and men, come from different backgrounds, some are elite riders, racing every weekend during the summer and looking for good hard race, others are not training that much at all, and just doing the race for fun and at the same time get the oportunity to see the beautiful islands.

The only thing you need, is a racebike, like the company of some fun great riders and be prepared for the unexpected. 

Here are some pictures from the 2010 race: