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Climb to NorðskálaTunnel stage 1, Eysturoy

Stages - Volvo Kring Føroyar 2014


Stage 1, wednesday 23. juli. Vágar - Borðoy

 The first stage of the VolvoKring Føroyar 2014 wil not only take the race trough four different islands, but will also give the riders the opportunity to ride both under and over the Atlantic ocean. 

The race starts at the Effo station in Sørvágur, on the island Vágoy, and over the first climb of the day(á Hálsi, h:220 m, l: 3450m, 6,1% avg), and the descent(l: 2500 m -8,0% avg). We cross the waters via the tunnel under Vestmannasund(and the atlantic ocean) to the main island Streymoy, where we ride across to the other side of Streymoy, and will cross the Atlantic again via the bridge to Eysturoy. Here we reach the climb up to the tunnel Norðskálatunnil, and over the climb to Gøta and Leirvík. Here we dip under the Atlantic for the second time, trough the underwater tunnel to the finish in Klaksvík.

Start: Vágar airport

Finish: Effopetrolstation in Klaksvík

Route: Airport, Vága under water tunnel, Eysturoyartunnel, under water tunnel to Klaksvík, to turningpoint in Haraldssund and back to Effo i Klaksvík.

Approx 100 km.

Start at 17.00 hours victory ceremony at 21.00 hours.


Stage 2, thursday 24. juli. Streymoy – Eysturoy - Sornfelli

 This second stage will be a long hard stage, including flat parts, but also two long climbs, and for the first time in the history of this race, it will feature at mountain top finish. The finish will be just below the radar staion at the mountain Sornfelli.

Start: Effopetrolstation in Gundadali, Tórshavn

Mál: Sornfelli radar station

Route: Tórshavn – Kaldbaksbotnur – Kollafjørður – Norðskála – Ljósárir –Eiðisskarð(climb h: 390, l: 6328m 5,1% avg, descent l: 3996m -7,3% avg(pic 5)) – Funningur – Funningsbotn – Norðskála – Hósvík – Kollafjørð – Kollafjaradal, Oyggjarvegur(h: 270m, l: 2038m, 8,1% avg) and the climb to the finish at Sornfelli(h: 680 m, l: 3614m, 8,6% avg(pic 3)).

Approx 120 km.

Start at 15.00 hours and victory ceremony at 18.00 hours.


Stage 3, friday 25. juli, Sandoy

Effo Kring Føroyar is back on Sandoy this year, and will again feature a flat time trial course along the banks of Sandsvatn.

Start and finish: Effopetrolstation at Sandi.

Route: 4 laps of Effostøðin, Meginskúlin, Effostøðin, Sandafløtti, Effostøðin.

Timetrial, approx 36 km.


Start at 15.00 hours and victory ceremony at 17.00 hours


Stage 4, saturday 26. juli, Suðuroy

 This stage will take place in the amazing scenary on the island of Suðuroy(South Island). This is an amazing experience for both riders and spectators. This stages is either upp hill or down hill, has a lot of challenging descents, and all this with a fantastic nature as backdrop. It will be a hard ride, whith a lot of hight meters.

Start and finish: Effopetrolstation at Tvøroyri.

Route: Effopetrolstation at Tvøroyri, Øravík, Fámjin, Øravík, Hovsegg, Porkeri, Vág, Lopra, Sumba (turningpoint), Lopra, Vág, Porkeri, Hovsegg, Øravík, 2 laps in Tvøroyri.

Approx 100 km.

Start at 12.00 hours and victory ceremony at 16.00 hours.


Stage 5, sunday 27. juli. Tórshavn, Streymoy

 The final stage will be run in Tórshavn with 10 large laps(5,6 km) and 3 small laps(1,8 km) centered around the Effo station in Gundadal, the schene of many great finishes trough the years.

This will be a short race and will be a spectators affair, as the race crosses the finish 13 times. It will be run on Tórshavn bigger roads, so it won't be a technical demanding race, but it will be a hard one, with a lot of riders wanting to show of.

Start and finish: Effopetrolstation in Gundadali, Tórshavn.

Route: 10 big laps of Gundadalsvegur – Norðari Ringvegur – Strond – R. C. Effersøesgøta – Gundadalsvegur.

And 3 small laps of Gundadalsvegur – Norðari Ringvegur - R. C. Effersøesgøta – Gundadalsvegur.

Approx 60 km.


Start at 13.00 hours and victory ceremony at 16.00 hours.